Life Coaching

Depending on your personal needs and location, there are three different options to focus on issues that require a more specific personal attention.

You can choose between in-person sessions, phone sessions or distant sessions in order to find solutions for personal issues such as health problems, mental strains, relationship issues, conflicts within your job, difficult life-circumstances or a general sense of not being able to enjoy life.

I combine Bioenergetic Analysis, Holographic Analysis and Holographic Repatterning (HR) to focus on a theme or an issue that you would like to resolve. For more information about the tools, click: Tools for personal Transformation, the book: Growing through Joy published by Findhorn Press in April 1999 or the ebook version: Beyond Suffering.

In-person sessions are only available in my practice in Kamen, Germany at this point. Phone sessions and distance sessions can be arranged by Email or phone.

In a phone session, you will be in direct contact with me during the session. In a distant session, I tune into your energy field and work on a pre-arranged theme. I use a muscle-checking-feedback-system to determine which unconscious patterns and energy constrictions keep your problem in place, which self-healing modalities need to be introduced into your system in order to solve the problem and how you can best integrate the solution into your life.

A summary of each session will be sent out to you, together with suggestions for positive actions, that will help you to integrate the changes into your daily life. If you wish you can also receive the detailed protocol of the session.

Fee per hour: Euro 90,00, £ 80.00, US$ 130,00,



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